Luke Bryan won't predict the length of his Super Bowl performance


Luke Bryan won’t give you any tips for your Super Bowl prop bet.

The country singer skipped out on any details when asked about his upcoming National Anthem performance.

“I’m gonna walk out there and kind of follow my heart, and follow the vibe of the room, and so there’s no telling how long it will go,” Bryan told Entertainment Tonight.

“I may get out there and go, ‘I’m about to pass out and I need to get this thing over quick,’ or I may go out there and feel really, really good in the moment and try to milk it a little bit.”

The length of the “Star-Spangled Banner” is one of the more popular bets in Vegas each year.

Bovada currently has the line set at two minutes and nine seconds while Sportsbook set the over/under at two minutes and seven and a half seconds.

Last year, Lady Gaga dragged out the performance to a lengthy two minutes and 20 seconds.

Idina Menzel wrapped it up in a quick two minutes and four seconds in 2015.

Although the “Country Girl” singer is used to playing huge arenas, he said he hasn’t lost perspective.

“It’ll certainly be a highlight of my career and my entertainment life, to be able to walk out there and hopefully perform the anthem in the way I’ve always dreamed I would do it, and to know there are 100-plus million people around the world watching that happen,” Bryan told ET.

“I think it’s more important for me to focus on being in the stadium and feeding off the energy of that, and not think about cameras in my face, cameras recording me and it going out all over the globe, and just trying to get wrapped up in the moment there. If I do that, I think it’ll translate on camera, and people will hopefully enjoy my rendition of it.”

Bryan will open the musical festivities of the evening while Lady Gaga gets the main stage during halftime.

The New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons kick off Super Bowl LI at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday in Houston.

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